Chapter 1 is the first chapter of the manga series Shinobi Shijuusou.


Kaname Manaka, an owner of a successful company, decides to make her daughter and the heiress of his company, Chouko Manaka, to transfer to Mizuno-o Academy to let her search for her right-hand man who are called Shinobis. If Chouko cannot find her right-hand man before the end of the school year, she need to obey every of her father's orders.

As Chouko went into her classroom and chooses her seat, she met Kurumi Takazu. Chouko questioned about Ujou Tougou, the son of her father's right-hand man Ukou Tougou but Kurumi said that it was impossible since he lacks humanity, being excellent in school and several people want him as their right-hand man. However, when Ujou stares Chouko who was observing him, he rushes up and immediately hugs Chouko states that he misses her. When the class are started, Ujou was forced to drag out of Chouko's classroom.

After class, Ujou follows Chouko. Ujou states that he wants to be Chouko's right-hand man since a long time ago. However when Ujou smells Chouko after she questions Ujou if she met him before, Chouko ran and tells him to not to follow her.

While walking anrgily, three men in a van spots Chouko and identifies her as a daughter of a rich father.They kidnapped Chouko.


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